Getting Started with the AstroSwap DEX

In view of the AstroSwap DEX launch on the 28th of January, we are releasing a guide so that everyone can familiarize themselves with the various options to get started right away!

The ultimate aim for the DEX is to run on Cardano when the KEVM - the next Cardano update becomes available. However, for now, the AstroSwap development team came up with a smart solution without compromising on transaction speed. The solution is to run the DEX on on the Velas network, and when the blockchain is available upgrade it to Cardano. For this, we built a bridge to enable users to transact from Cardano to the Velas network - a multi-chain bridge solution, such that everyone can take advantage of the DEX from day one.

There are three main coins users will need to have in order to interact with the DEX:

  1. ASTRO – the native token of AstroSwap providing the DEX;

  2. ADA - the native token powering the Cardano ecosystem

  3. BUSD - the stable coin that unifies Velas to MetaMask.

Take a look at Mission Control's full guide on medium

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