How to Play the Space Lottery

The Space Lottery is the latest way to best conquer the Universe with AstroSwap's Space Lottery, and the best way to earn $ASTRO.... It's not rocket science. Using VRF technology, it's entirely fair and a whole bunch of fun. You can find all the info you need below.

Deciding if you'd like to Enter a Round

Just how all Astronauts are unique and talented, so are the rounds in the Space Lottery!

If the Prize Pool Level(s) isn't won, it will roll over into the following round, thus increasing the prize pool for the next round. Therefore, the longer we go without a winner, the BIGGER the Prize Pool gets.

β€ŒAnd the longer the round is open, the more people can purchase a ticket. And with each ticket that is sold, it increases the prize pool even further. You can look here to check the current round's prize pool and remaining time. β€Œ

  1. Visit the Space Lottery page, and at the top of the page, you'll see the current round and its prize pool shown in US dollar (estimated value).

  2. β€ŒAnd if you go further down the page, you will be able to see the remaining time before the current round's Winning Tickets are drawn.

Please note that something can always change in the remaining time, more tickets could be sold and thus increasing the prize pool but at the same time reducing your individual odds of winning. (May the odds ever been in your favor)

Buying Lottery Tickets

Buying tickets is so easy. You just need a little ASTRO though as each ticket costs approximately $1 USD (the exact ASTRO price is set at the start of the round).

When getting your ticket, you can choose to have your numbers randomly selected or if you're feeling lucky, you can pick them yourself.

We have a detailed breakdown of either selection method below.

1. On the Space Lottery Page, click the Buy Tickets button at the top of the page

There is a time between rounds where purchasing tickets isn't possible. Just check back after the countdown if that's the case.

2. A window will open letting you select how many tickets to purchase. Select the amount of tickets you’d like to purchase into the field

3. Don't forget, the more tickets you purchase, the greater the discount you receive. For more info, check out Ticket Costs & Discounts.

The discount starts as soon as you purchase 2 or more tickets, and the discount will continue to scale all the way to 100 tickets where you will save almost 5% on your purchase (4.95%).

4. When you're happy with the number of tickets you want to buy, click 'confirm' and confirm your action in your wallet.

Viewing your tickets after buying

You can view your tickets after you have purchased them and before the round's numbers are drawn.

  1. Click 'View Your Tickets' in the 'Next Draw' area of the Lottery page

  2. A window will open showing all of your tickets and their numbers. You can also purchase more tickets from this window.

When the round ends and winning numbers are drawn

When the Winning Numbers are available at the end of a round, you can check your tickets to see if you won.

View your winning tickets

Viewing your tickets is the same as before

β€Œ1. Click 'View Your Tickets' in the 'Finished Rounds' area of the Lottery page.

2. A window will open showing the Winning Numbers and all of your tickets and their numbers.

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