How to Trade

Getting set up to trade

Before you can trade, you will need a wallet that is compatible with Velas (click here and add "Velas") and VEP20 tokens.

Trading on the AstroSwap exchange

Go to the Exchange Page and click Unlock Wallet and make sure you're on the Velas network.

Click on the dropdown menu to select the tokens you want to trade, after ensuring it's one of the tokens you actually hold.

Once you have selected the token to swap, select the token you wish to trade for, then type in the desired amount. This isn't rocket science.

The token amount of your desired token is then estimated automatically, and vice-versa.

After making sure you're happy with the numbers, click the Swap button.

A new window with more detailed information will pop up. Once again, check if you're happy that the details are correct and click the Confirm Swap button. At this point, your wallet will require you to confirm the action.


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